The Best PIZZA in Rome




  • If you want to enjoy the best pizza in Rome and you don't mind to take a cab to go outside the city center, here is where I usually eat my favorite one:

    SFORNO, Via Statilio Ottato 411, website: www.sforno.it

    SBANCO, Via Siria,1

    LA GATTA MANGIONA, Via Federico Ozanam, 30-32, website: www.lagattamangiona.com

    Buon appetito! :)



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    Daniel Giles

    There's a great article about how to choose an Italian pizza- Deep Pan or Thin Crust here.

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    Mark Wilson (Edited )

    definitely LA Gatta Mangione!

    grazie Stephanie. best pizza i've ever had as well as the best tour guide I ever had! 

  • Thank you Mark! I think you made the best decision having a great pizza, after our Vatican tour :) You deserved a special dinner after a long and intense walk through the Museums! 

    I have plenty of recommendations for your next trip! Arrivederci!

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    Adam Smith

    Buongiorno, I was looking at your website and interested in one of your food tours. I have seen some great pics on Instagram and wondering which tour is the best to try gelato and pizza with you guys!

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