Choosing an Italian Wine




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    Erin Trang Stewart

    Great information here, thanks!

    If you can give me the names and years of some great Italian wines to look for that would be much appreciated! Any specific suggestions from your staff? For example I loved a white 2014 Vermentino from Sardegna I had the other day.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Guys! If you're interested in some specific spots to visit for wine, beer, or cocktails in the Eternal City, have a look at the map we've put together (click here) with streets, enotecas (wine bars), and cocktail bars for all of your alcoholic needs! I hope to see you there!

    Also, you can join us on the ever popular Eyes of Rome Wine Tour on which you'll visit several enotecas, try some amazing Italian wines, cheese, and cold cuts.

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    Eyes of Rome! I am interested in the Tuscany wine making tour. Can you advise when is the best time to book it to have a real wine seasoned experience? And I read from your website that kids can join the tour, would they do kids activities as well as different food as mentioned on your website?

    It looks very nice though! I am excited

  • Dear Sasha, 

    Vineyard cultivation faces different steps all the year long, so it is always possible to attend a particular phase of the process. However, we'd recommend, when possible, to meet one of the two most representative ones: harving and first wine making

    Harvest refers to the moment when the grapes grown in the vineyard are harvested and transported to the winery and from there and it takes place from the end of August to the beginning of November. The period between September and October is the best time to watch the harvest of red grapes in Chianti. 

    This is indeed a joyful experience to be enjoyed by kids as well, as it puts you in direct contact with habits and traditions of the winemakers. As a grand finale you will enjoy the products of the cellars directly from the barrels (when possible) as they are in the making! Parents get a little relaxation. Kids learn about local agriculture and responsible consumption. 

    We receive many requests for Wine tours where children are part of the family and we are committed to offer our clients the most enjoyable food/wine experience. We accommodate these requests with our suppliers in orde to fulfill your expectations: although depending on the time of the year and the selected stops during the tours, we generally include a selection of organic appetizers, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and freshly baked bread, Salami, Ham and Cheese which are excellent especially in Tuscany! While you will accompany this food with an extraordinary wine, kids will get water juice or drinks, according to your preferences. If you have any requirement for a specific diet you are welcome to send us an inquiry with all of your indications!


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