The Roman Rioni




  • My favorite one is Monti! Even if it is the first in the list, many people miss it, because it is more residential than touristic. A few steps behind the Forum, in between Saint Mary the Major Basilica and the Trajan's Markets, it is a well stratified, built on the slopes of the Quirinal Hill.

    If you walk on Via del Boschetto, Via dei Serpenti or Via Panisperna, you will find very nice small restaurants and "enoteche" (Italian for wine bars) and you will meet plenty of locals, because Monti is still one of the neighborhoods where Roman people like to stroll or to meet with friends.

    Quiet in the morning, lively at nighttime, it is a place to be discovered to breathe some pure Roman air.

    Monti district is historically known like "Suburra", from the Latin Sub-Urbe, "under the City": it has always been the simple, humble district, where the plebeians were used to live during the Roman Empire. Uphill you could encounter Villas for the patricians, downhill were the so called Insulae (Islands) for the lowest classes... This is how it comes that we still say SUBURB to describe a well populated residential district.

    Last tip: if you ever go to Monti, do not miss a walk to Via In Selci and Salita del Grillo. Enjoy!

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  • Only once you experience Trastevere you can say: "I have seen Rome." It's a typical "Roman" neighborhood with many bars, restaurants and some boutiques, and it's a popular place also for the locals. 
    If you visit during the day I recommend first a visit of the church S.Cecilia in Trastevere. It's a hidden gem, a beautiful church and below it you'll find the excavation site with ruins of ancient Roman houses.
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