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    Suzanne Wan

    Hello again, 

    I just asked about requesting a tour on another link abouut the aperitif in the ancient houses. Like I said on the last article, I have 30 people in my party and I am hiring a Chinese tour bus company in Rome and I wanted to know if your guide will join us on the bus as we get around the city to narrate the history.

    Thank you,

    Suzanne Wan

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    Tour Design Team

    Hello Suzanne,


    Of course if you book a tour your private guide can accompany your group in the tour bus for an additional fee. However, please bare in mind that the buses can't stop everywhere, only at the designated stops which are listed on the map above. Having said this, we suggest selecting a tour that is easily accessible for your group and the guide to reach the destination. Depending on the tour you choose, the guide will provide a wealth of knowledge about the area and the context of the site. 

    Thank you so much again for contacting us.


    Eyes of Rome team

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    Suzanne Wan

    ok perfect I just checked the map and I think everything will work out according to plan. I have been exchanging emails with Mara and she's very helpful. I will be sure to reach out if I have more questions.

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