Italian Trains: How to Travel to Different Cities in Italy




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    Kristen Jacobs


    Does anyone know if there are baby changing tables in the Trenitalia trains? Which is the fastest and best service to get to Venice from Rome?


    Thank you,


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    Tour Design Team

    Hello Kristen,

    Yes there are baby changing tables aboard all the train services from the Freccia Bianca (most affordable) to the Freccia Argento (best, most expensive). We suggest checking the seat map online when booking your tickets so you can select your seats near the restrooms for your convenience. Also, whether you book the Freccia Rossa or Argento or the private train service Italotreno which are all the high speed services, you should make it to Venice in just about 3.5 hours from Rome.

    We hope we were able to assist you. 


    Eyes of Rome team

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  • Ciao everybody,

    for my experience and after talking with some of my guests, I think traveling by train and fast trains all over Italy is convenient and comfortable for the most part of the people. It seems our train service is appreciated by the visitors and I think it can be a more relaxing way to go from place to place. The convenience is also to leave from a central station and arrive after a short time to the center of another city. I have always enjoyed the stunning view of the Brunelleschi's dome in Florence just outside Santa Maria Novellla Station!

    When people come for a week or ten days, thanks to our train service, it is possible to visit different places (I would always decide for a minimum of 3 days in each city) and appreciate the variety of this country.

    Buon viaggio!

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