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    Theo Brown

    Ciao Eyes of rome,

    A friend of mine went with his girlfriend on a tour outside Rome and I think the place was this Villa Este. Do you guys offer tours outside Rome too?



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    Tour Design Team (Edited )

    Hello Theo,

    Yes we do in fact conduct tours outside of Rome and Villa d'Este is a customer-favorite! We hope your friend and his girlfriend enjoyed the experience because it is a breathtaking palace full of lush gardens. It's a very romantic tour. Please contact us on info@eyesofrome.com if you would like more information about the tour and in the meantime have a look at this article.

    We thank you for your interest in this article and for our tours. We hope to hear from you soon!


    Eyes of Rome team

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    Theo Brown

    Thanks Eyes of Rome,

    I just sent an email!

    speak soon, Theo

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    Hi Eyes of Rome! My wife asked me to post this on your website: We loved your Rome by Night tour! What can I say- The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona…all with far less people than during the day, not to mention a very cozy and charming atmosphere. It was a magical night with our guide Serena, who showed us these amazing spots in downtown Rome. We especially appreciated her pointing out a few good ‘ristoranti’ and ‘gelaterie’ for us to try during our stay, and she even gave us a few coins to throw into Trevi Fountain (so we FOR SURE could come back and see more of Rome!) I’d like to thank Serena our guide, and Mara in the office for setting this up for us. Rome by night is certainly a great way to see the sites without the crowds and work up an appetite!

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    Johnnie Ball

    What's the deal with the City Walking Tour? Do I really need a guide cause I heard everything's free and all pretty close together. Thanks


  • Dear Johnnie,

    Good question! You are right that the stops on the City Walking Tour (also called the 'Rome by Night Tour' after dark) are all pretty close to one another, and can be visited on your own in a couple of hours or less, depending on your speed.

    However, speed is not necessarily the best way to take in the sites of Rome. One of our mottos here at Eyes of Rome is 'Looking is not Seeing' and I wholeheartedly agree- there is a lot behind everything in Rome, and these world-famous stops are no exception.

    Starting with the great Pantheon- Rome's oldest surviving place of worship, you'll learn about its construction, its famed dome which was thought impossible to construct at the time, and how and why the great painter Raphael came to be entombed there. Sure, the Pantheon is stunning on the surface, but a private guide to bring the past alive and tell its stories are really what makes touring with a private guide a good investment! On this tour you'll also visit Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and the Spanish Steps...all with amazing histories and secrets to discover.

    Also on a private tour you can spend more time at the sites you want (or haven't yet seen) and less time at the sites you are less interested in- everything is totally customizable either beforehand while making your booking, or at the start of your tour with your guide.

    Thanks again for your question! Either way, Rome remains amazing and of course we'd love to have you on a tour!

    Kind regards,

    Mara Arman

    Eyes of Rome

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