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  • I think the Gelato Class is great for kids aged 2 to 102!!! :)

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    Bailey Ann Stokes (Edited )

    Hey Daniel and the team, thanks again for sending me this to my email too. I love how you included both activities for younger kids and teenagers cause I was thinking about bringing my niece who is 14 andmy two sons, 7 and 9 to Rome in July. If we do the Demons and Angels tour which seems more interesting for adults maybe but my kids seem interested in the idea, then what other tours should we do after? I wanted to take you up on the idea of doing two half days of tours so we don't stress the kids out too much.. also cause it's July and I'm worried they'll get fatigued from the heat.. What do you guys think?

    thanks again,


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    Support Team

    Hello again, Bailey

    We're happy to hear that you've been able to communicate with Daniel. There are several tours that would go very nicely with the Angels and Demons tour and stimulate the interests of both your niece and your sons! The suggestion that Katie made is true, everyone of all ages appreciates the Gelato and Pizza making classes. Especially during the hot summer months the Gelato class proves to be a very refreshing way to beat the heat! We would also suggest adding the Catacombs tour to your Itinerary because it has a great dialogue with the themes discussed in the Angels and Demons tour and it also is popular with children because it has a dark and mysterious edge to it. Daniel has just designed a few different Itinerary options that he feels would suit all of your family's interests!

    We look forward to hearing back from you and we appreciate your interest!


    Eyes of Rome team

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    Bailey Ann Stokes

    You guys have done a great job! We're all super excited to get there and enjoy all these fun tours. Daniel made the process so easy and we can't wait to meet all the guides. We'll keep in touch.


  • Hello, I also recommend Rome in movies for teenagers! It is a funny way to enjoy the highlights of Rome introduced by video clips of the most famous movies! For those who are interested I can advice a list of movies you can watch before you visit Rome to make the experience much more exciting!

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    Elisa Taddei | Eyes of Rome | Tour Guide (Edited )

    According to my experience angels and demons is a tour teenagers usually love! The mystery behind the story and the search of the truth and fake part of it make the experience very interesting! This tour always give us the possibility to narrate interesting tips about the unofficial history and to speak about messages hidden in symbols.

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    Charlotte K.


    I am a mother of 3 kids ( 5,7 and 13 years old)  and i would like to book  a scavenger hunt tour in Rome. Do you think the different range of age will be an issue for this tour?

  • Hi Charlotte, I am one of the guide at Eyes of Rome. Yes of Course, every scavenger tour will be tailor-made depending on the ages and interests of the kids. We can definitively adjust the tour according to your needs, so no probs! Thanks for reaching out!

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    Mr. Trompetti

    Hello,I will be in Rome next month with my daughter (she’s 10 years old) and I’m interested in your catacombs tour. Do you think it’s suitable for kids or too scary?


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    Elisa Dattile

    Dear Mr. Trompetti,  I’m Elisa D. a tour guide on the Eyes of Rome team - thanks for your question. Don’t worry, visiting the catacombs is a great idea! This is one of the most loved tours by our younger guests for its mysterious atmosphere and the excitement of walking through underground tunnels, all while completely safe and well lit. She will love it!

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    Sam Paper


    Is the Vatican's Egyptian Museum interesting enough for 11 years old kids? I will be visiting Rome next month with my son who easily gets bored in museums  (in general!)


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    Customer Support Team

    Dear Mr Paper,

    Thank you for this question. This type of tour is good idea as the Egyptian as the Etruscan sections of the Vatican are fascinating even for young visitors! The guide will illustrate the daily lives of citizens of these ancient cultures, including some very entertaining anecdotes and offer a detailed explanation of the Egyptian mummification process.  We will send one of our 'kid-specialized' guides, who is great with kids and your son will love this experience! We also invite you to click this link and think about adding the Chariot Pavilon to the Vatican tour.

    We are here if you have any more questions!

    Eyes of Rome Team

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