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    Lauren Cotts

    Hi eor! Do you think is it possible to add the Borghese gallery as an option? We would really love to see it.

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    Support Team

    Ciao Lauren,

    it is indeed possible to add the Borghese Gallery on a shore excursion full day tour! In that case we would recommend the following itinerary:

    1. Vatican Museums
    2. Borghese
    3. Lunch break
    4. Colosseum outside visit (depending on time)

    Feel free to drop us an email in case you need further customization.

  • Lauren,

    you could also prefer to cut shorter the visit to the Vatican by visiting the Museums/Sistine Chapel only and skip St. Peter's Basilica. This will save you about 30/45 mins that you could use to visit the Colosseum from the inside. 

    Otherwise you might decide to add an additional site such as the Catacombs (fascinating visit in my opinion!) but bare in mind that Catacombs are located outside of the city center and will add about 1.5 hours to your day (visit + transfers).

    Happy travels!

  • When you book a shore excursion in Rome, I think the best you can do is to schedule your itinerary trying to avoid the large crowds. Choosing a private tour instead of a group excursion is already a good starting point. Having a van at your disposal will make the difference and the skip the line tickets will allow you to save a lot of time. The important thing is to be sure you will leave Rome around 4/4.30 PM maximum, to do not risk any delay because of the traffic to the port. 

    If you have never been to Rome the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum are a Must! If you have been here already and you know the main attractions, this could be the best opportunity to spend your time off the beaten paths (Lauren, the Borghese is the best museum in the city!) and enjoy some other places, having time for a nice lunch, and not only for a sandwich.

    But if you want to see as more as you can, ask your guide where to get the best "panino" or a good slice of pizza and don't waste time for food. You will feel yourself full of beauty at the end of your day and you will start planning your next longer visit, I hope! :)


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