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    Bailey Ann Stokes

    Wow! what an eye catching page! My kids were instantly attracted to the pictures in the Angels and Demons tour but is it appropriate for kids, meaning that is it something that will keep their interest? thanks, Bailey

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    Support Team

    Hello Bailey,

    We’re pleased that you and your kids enjoyed the graphics! Usually when we suggest Itineraries for families we wouldn’t plan a full day experience. Instead we would suggest two half-day Itineraries so you’re still able to enjoy all the sights without overwhelming the kids. Speaking from experience, many older children have found this tour to be intriguing. In terms of the content of the tour it’s completely appropriate for all age groups. If you would like to see Itineraries and other activities for children, please visit the two links we’ve attached. Thank you for your emails as well and we look forward to customizing your Itinerary accordingly!

    Speak soon,

    Eyes of Rome team

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    Barbara Wright

    Hi, heard great things about your company. is it possible to include the Colosseum undergrounds? we were told it's not easy to book

  • Ciao Barbara,

    thank you for reaching out. it is indeed possible to add the Colosseum Undergrounds. All our tours can be entirely customised according to your interests or needs. You are very welcome to drop us an email and create your own tour.

    I recommend you reading this article for a better understanding about the differences between a standard Colosseum Tour and a Colosseum's Hypogeum Tour.

    When we reserve the access to the Undergrounds we are also able to climb to the Third upper Tier and walk in the Arena. This extends a standard Colosseum Tour of about 30/45 minutes so if you are planning to add it to a Rome in a Day itinerary then I would recommend to have a shorter visit of the Roman Forum to not extend excessively your day.

    Also you are correct it is not very easy to find access to the Undergrounds. I advice you to plan your tour well in advance (2-3 months). In any case we do have reservations regularly so we might be able to accomodate also last minute requests.

    Happy travels! 

  • Hi everybody,

    if I were a first time visitor to Rome and I should concentrate the best of Rome in one day, I would never miss a walk through the ancient Rome, including the Forum, Colosseum and the Pantheon. Then I would get lost in the city center, between the Trevi fountain and Piazza Navona, to reach the Vatican and possibly visit St. Peter's Basilica, before the closing time. For art lovers, the early morning Vatican tour, would allow to visit the Sistine Chapel and have the rest of the day at your disposal. I think the first option proposed for a Must see Itinerary sounds perfect! You will need comfortable shoes and more than a gelato break during the day ... :)

    Rome has a vast historical center, but walkable and always surprising. You will never see it all in a day, never in a lifetime. So take the time you have to enjoy its eternal beauty at your best. You will love it in any case! 

  • I agree that you should never miss the Pantheon. Recent studies have given us some new facts regarding this amazing structure. It was designed as a huge sundial. The structure was precisely oriented to allow the oculus, which provides the only light source in the building, to cast a single sunbeam that marked the daily arrival of noon and illuminated the doorway on special occasions, especially on the equinoxes and April 21, the traditional anniversary of Rome’s founding by Romulus.

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    Caroline Donna Randy

    walking tour in rome, loved it! I have been on a walking tour of rome a few days ago with eyes of rome with my friend and we loved it! September is a great time to travel in Rome, weather still very nice and not many tourists around.Rome is a such an beautiful and interesting place, everything has a story to tell, fountains, streets, the number of churches that are along the way, and out guide was brilliant. Silvia the guide also suggested a nice restaurant where to have dinner and where to find good gelato! Definitely recommended to have a guided tour in Rome. Next time we come toRome we definitely want book a food & wine tour!


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    Mr. Flinch

    Please thank Marta from the Flinch family. She was astonishing we loved her!

  • Dear Jerry, Tiffany and the lovely kids, thank you so much for the comment here! I had a lot fun with you. Please let me know if you come back to Italy, I can show you around other places! Big hug 

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    Kim Nguyen

    Hi Eyes! I saw your in the footstep of Michelangelo tour. I am a devoted admirer of Michelangelo and since I know his connection with Florence, I was wondering whether you do tours in other cities (e.g. Florence) and if I could consider a Michelangelo tour over there as well.


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    Customer Support Team

    Hi Kim, thank you for your query. I am happy to confirm that Eyes of Rome expanded its horizons and we also tour in Florence, Venice, Naples, Pompeii and other surroundings cities. You can read this article for a quick look at our destinations, or visit our website.

    Michelangelo is also one of the most admired artists of all time who depicts and describes Italy and its culture in the best way. Therefore, we have a particular interest in revealing everything possible about the artist and his artwork. 

    Regarding doing a Michelangelo tour in Florence, it would be our Best of Florence tour which is a walking tour that ends at the Academia where you can see the original statue of the David. 

    If you are interested in this tour, please send us an email at info@eyesofrome.com and we will be happy to help you through the processes from planning to the final goodbye. 

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    Very best wishes, 


    Eyes of Rome Support Team

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    Esther Garcia

    Angel and Demons tour it should be a must for those visiting Rome! A good guide is also the key of a great tour. Serena was absolutely fantastic, very professional, knowledgeable of history art and religion and a great company. If you happened to be with her you won’t be disappointed, we’ll ask for her again!

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    Valery M.

    Incredible story about the tail of the Bernini's elephant. The tour related to Bernini is fantastic and Alessandro made it very interesting! thanks eyes of rome!

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    Hi Eyes! I am very interested in the XX century European history. Do you do tours related to the second world war and Mussolini? I am interested in history, art, architecture, and sociology of that period of time! Looking forward to hearing. Thank you!

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    Customer Support Team

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for your enquiry, yes of course we do tours related to the rational style in the fascist period of time. Those below are the main tours we offer related to your interests.

    The EUR Quarter

    XX Century Rome

    You can also customise all of our tours by adding a extra hour where you can tell your private guide what you would like to visit. For example in this case, we suggest that you visit the Ardeatina caves (where nazi soldiers shot partisans and other prisoners)and the prison of Via tasso (where they tortured  their captives).

    Please send us an email at info@eyesofrome.com for further information and we look forward to hear from you soon!

    Eyes of Rome Team

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    Hi eyes. I can’t walk far, I was wondering if there is any cafe at the Borghese Gallery to rest a some point. Thank you!

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    Paul J.D.

    Due to mobility problems I need a wheelchair for the Vatican Museums. Is it possible to rent one there?

  • Hi Jeckie, thank you for reaching out to us! I am one of the guide and I have done many many tours at the Borghese Gallery. I can guarantee that there is a nice little coffee bar inside the gallery, although accessible only with the tickets for of the museum. If you book a tour with us, the advantage of having a private guide - like me for example ;) - is that we will adjust the pace of the tour on your requests. So you don’t have to worry whenever feeling tired, we are here to help!


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    Customer Support Team

    Dear Mr Paul J.D.,
    Thanks for your enquiry. Yes of course our guide can reserve a wheelchair for free the day of your visit and you will be able to use it inside the Vatican Museums. You’ll follow special paths to the Sistine Chapel, but will not be able to take the Vatican’s wheelchair into St. Peter’s Basilica. But no worries, our office has a wheelchair that you can use through the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel AND St. Peter’s Basilica.
    For further information you can read this article

    Eyes of Rome team

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    Susan Ride

    Hello, I’m interested in your Caravaggio tour. Do we need to buy tickets when we visit churches?


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    Customer Support Team

    Dear Ms Ride, Thank you for the question. You don’t pay to enter any church in Rome, even if it houses famous masterpieces by popular artists (which many of them do!). Even St. Peter's Basilica, the most famous church in the world, is free to enter. We are at your disposal.

    Eyes of Rome team

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    kelly K.


    My name is Kelly and next July I will be in Rome for the third time. I've never done a guided tour, and I am interested in your walking tour! As I have already been to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, can I substitute them with two of Rome's other highlights, or are your itineraries fixed?


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    Customer Support Team

    Dear Kelly, thanks for your request. Our tours and guides are completely flexible! We create standard itineraries that are customizable in advance by sending us an email, or on the day of the tour by communicating directly with your guide. In Rome there are so many monuments and replacing one with another is not problem for us! The important thing is that any substituions are logistically doable- in any casewe can easily catch a taxi to your desired site. Here are some links to the various add-ons we propose so you can have an idea about the different options you have. We are, as always, at your complete disposal for any questions!


    Eyes of Rome Team.

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    Rebecca Wisley

    Hello, I have already done a quick visit of the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica the first time I came to Rome with a group tour. Next summer I am coming back to the eternal city with my family and I would like to see more of the Vatican Museums, as I heard that there are many sections that I missed the last time. I am a history teacher and I am interested in a Vatican tour but that skips the Chapel and the Church. Do you have any tours through any of the off-the-beaten-path parts of the Museums. Thanks!

  • Hello Rebecca

    Thanks for your enquiry. The Vatican Museums sends most guest on a fixed, one-way path, towards the Sistine Chapel. Seeing as you want to skip the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica, after a visit of the Egyptian and Etruscan sections of the Museums (which you may have missed your first time) you can feel free explore the Pinacoteca Picture Gallery or the Chariot Pavilion. Here are some other sections that may be interesting for a History techer: Pius Clementine collection or Chiaramonti Museum.

    Once you have made a decision, feel free to email our office with your choice for a custom Vatican tour! Of course I am here for any other questions.


    Sara Tommasini tour guidehttp://www.vaticanstate.va/content/vaticanstate/en/monumenti/musei-vaticani/museo-storico---padiglione-delle-carrozze.paginate.1.html 

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    Mara Whiteman

    Hi team,

    The first time I visited Rome I fell in love with the style of the great artist Bernini. I loved his fountains (Fountain of the Four Rivers and Triton Fountain), and was amazed at St. Peter’s Square (obviously) and the Twin Churches in Piazza del Popolo. But I have never been inside the basilicas of Saint Mary of the Victory or Saint Andrew. I also heard about two of his most popular sculptures: The Rape of Proserpina and Apollo and Dafne. In which basilica are they and can I add them to a tour?

  • Dear Ms Whiteman,

    Thanks for your interest. I’m a guide on the Eyes of Rome team and I am happy to read about how much you loved Bernini, because he is my favorite artist! The two wonderful statues you mentioned are not located in churches but are both part of the Borghese collection. My advice is to book a tour of the Borghese Gallery, so you will be able to enjoy his sculptures, and then you can add the two basilicas you are interested in as an extension to this tour. All in all it will be about four hours, and at the end you'll be a Bernini expert!

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    Samantha Clinton

    I highly recommend the Angels and Demons tour for those who are sick of dates, names, and boring history lessons. I did this tour with my husband who always gets bored in churches and monuments but not this time! Our guide Elisa Nobili was great! She left us breathless until the end of the tour showing us the hidden messages left by famous artists like Bernini in their works. We both loved this experience especially since we had seen the movie. We were actually excited to go home and watch it again to remember all places we visited with Elisa! Thank you Elisa!

  • Hi my friends, I am so happy to read this comment. You are right when you say that Angels and Demons tour is not just a normal tour but an extraordinary experience!
    You discover the secret meanings hidden in plain sight around Rome, following the sites described in Dan Brown’s novel. Even when I studied for this tour I had your same reaction- I watched the movie again but with much more interest!
    I hope to meet you again soon. Have a nice day!

    Elisa Nobili

    Eyes of Rome team


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    Hey Team!

    I just wanted to say that I loved the flexibility that Eyes of Rome gave me with their 'Create-Your-Own' tour. I gave them a list of things that I wanted to see, and they were able to arrange everything- tickets, times, meals, even pick-up and drop-off at my hotel, so I really didn't have to worry about anything! In short, I saw everything I wanted and it was as stress-free as possible. Highly recommended, and thanks again.


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