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    Bailey Ann Stokes

    Wow! what an eye catching page! My kids were instantly attracted to the pictures in the Angels and Demons tour but is it appropriate for kids, meaning that is it something that will keep their interest? thanks, Bailey

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    Support Team

    Hello Bailey,

    We’re pleased that you and your kids enjoyed the graphics! Usually when we suggest Itineraries for families we wouldn’t plan a full day experience. Instead we would suggest two half-day Itineraries so you’re still able to enjoy all the sights without overwhelming the kids. Speaking from experience, many older children have found this tour to be intriguing. In terms of the content of the tour it’s completely appropriate for all age groups. If you would like to see Itineraries and other activities for children, please visit the two links we’ve attached. Thank you for your emails as well and we look forward to customizing your Itinerary accordingly!

    Speak soon,

    Eyes of Rome team

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    Barbara Wright

    Hi, is it possible to include the Colosseum undergrounds? we were told it's not easy to book

  • Ciao Barbara,

    it is indeed possible to add the Colosseum Undergrounds. The 2 above itineraries are a good starting point to create your own itinerary so feel free to customize them entirely according to your interests or needs.

    When we reserve the access to the Undergrounds we are also able to climb to the Third upper Tier and walk in the Arena. This extends a standard Colosseum Tour of about 30/45 minutes so if you are planning to add it to a "Rome in a Day" itinerary then I would recommend to have a shorter visit of the Roman Forum to not extend excessively your day.

    Also you are correct it is not very easy to find access to the undergrounds. I advice you to plan your tour well in advance (2-3 months). In any case we do have reservations every week so we might be able to accomodate also last minute requests.

    Happy travels! 

  • Hi everybody,

    if I were a first time visitor to Rome and I should concentrate the best of Rome in one day, I would never miss a walk through the ancient Rome, including the Forum, Colosseum and the Pantheon. Then I would get lost in the city center, between the Trevi fountain and Piazza Navona, to reach the Vatican and possibly visit St. Peter's Basilica, before the closing time. For art lovers, the early morning Vatican tour, would allow to visit the Sistine Chapel and have the rest of the day at your disposal. I think the first option proposed for a Must see Itinerary sounds perfect! You will need comfortable shoes and more than a gelato break during the day ... :)

    Rome has a vast historical center, but walkable and always surprising. You will never see it all in a day, never in a lifetime. So take the time you have to enjoy its eternal beauty at your best. You will love it in any case! 

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