Can I tour the Sistine Chapel on its own?




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    Lucas Wuthrich


    I just checked your link with all the Vatican tours available and I wanted to ask if I choose the Garden tour would I get to avoid the rest of the Museums and get to see only the Sistine and St Peters (which is what I want) or did I somehow misread it and in fact I do still have to go through the museums?

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    Tour Design Team (Edited )

    Hello Lucas,


    The Vatican Gardens Special is a very unique tour that is designed to highlight only a few key aspects of the Vatican which include just three stops, the gardens, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica. If you're looking to visit just the Sistine Chapel on its own as opposed to all the galleries, this one would be the perfect tour for you! This article is referring more to clients who aren't interested in visiting any other site in the Vatican which isn't a possibility. If you would like to see the gardens and St Peter's as well, we're sure you'll appreciate this tour.

    Please contact us at info@eyesofrome.com if you have further questions or would like to book the tour.


    Eyes of Rome team

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