Differences between the Colosseum & Ancient Rome tour and the Colosseum Hypogeum/Arena/Third Tier tour




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    Blake D.

    So glad we paid extra to see the basement of the Colosseum and third tier! You see everything from another perspective! this is a great tour especially if you are into ancient Rome history. Our private guide was Silvia, nice, funny and very knowledgable


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    Amanda H.

    Hi. I am looking for suggestions regarding the Colosseum’s underground and third tier tour! I have to consider my limited mobility for this tour and my frequent stops to the bathroom. I know that the Colosseum’s elevator goes only from the ground floor to the first floor without going to the lower floor, and that there is only 1 bathroom in the whole site. Considering also the uneven stairs do you think  the hypogeum option is worth it for me, or the classic Colosseum tour is best- only the first and second floors? I really want to see the Colosseum’s underground, I hope you can give me good news!

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    Customer Support Team

    Hi Amanda.  Thank you for reaching out to Eyes of Rome and for your legitimate question. While we do understand that the classic Colosseum tour can be a little easier for those with limited mobility, we do also know that the underground’s experience is unique. The advantage of booking a private tour, is that you will have a private guide with you for the entire time of the tour, and he or she will adjust the pace according to your needs (including unlimited bathroom breaks!). If you do not need a wheelchair, then we suggest you consider the underground tour as you sound very keen on this visit. Regarding the restroom availability on the site, there is one inside the Colosseum and others in the Roman Forum. You can talk to the guide beforehand and while on tour and he/she will work out the best option for you. 

    Please send us an email at info@eyesofrome.com and we will help you to with the arrangement. 

    Best wishes,


    Eyes of Rome Support Team

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