The Colosseum & Ancient Rome




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    Denny Moon

    We really enjoyed our tour guide Karin. She gave excellent background information about the Colosseum in all its past glory with perfect english and great attention to details. She really made me feel as if I could see it! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet her and have her guide me and my friends around the Colosseum. Grazie Karin! I look forward for your visit to San Diego.

  • Ciao Denny! Thank you so much, I enjoyed your company too! I look forward to have another great pizza with you when you come back to Rome!


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    My words can't describe enough my happiness! Our time in Rome has been fantastic thank you also to Eyes of Rome! My kids went crazy when they finally saw the Colosseum. Our guide Rosa was amazing on giving us a kid friendly tour, but keeping everyone entertained all the time. See you definitively next time we'll be in Rome :)

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