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    Hui Wong Tsu

    Hi, I am coming to Rome with my parents in 2019. We've already visited the Vatican Museums but we had a lot of difficulties. My mother walks with a cane but we had heard about the long walking distances inside the Museums so we took a wheelchair at the Vatican Lobby. I thought that was a good idea, but we had to face large crowds inside the Museums (it was August and we almost couldn't breath). I think the wheelchair path goes on the opposite direction than the regular itinerary, is this correct?

    The Prime access looks very interesting....is the Private Early Bird PRIME Tour wheelchair friendly?

    For us it would be fine to follow the same route, skipping the Church. We just want to learn more about the Museums.. 

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  • Ciao Hui, my name is Karin and I am one of the guides at Eyes of Rome. It is a pleasure to answer your questions, confirming that the Early Bird Prime tour is absolutely wheelchair friendly! As you have specified, the Vatican Museums provide an alternative route for people in wheelchairs. Even if your mother could walk with a cane, completing the tour itinerary would require too much effort and it would be a shame not to fully enjoy this fantastic experience! We guides have been trained to follow this alternative route and it will be a pleasure to share with you our knowledge, especially with a PRIME early access! As you have already written, St. Peter's Basilica is only accessible by going down four flights of stairs .... I do not recommend for this reason to include Saint Peter to the visit itinerary. I remind you that the access to the Basilica is free and there is an access reserved for wheelchair users!

    I hope to meet you soon! 


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