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    Hi, what's the difference between these tickets and the ones from the Vatican Museums Online Ticket Office?

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    Support Team

    Hello, and thank you for your question.

    Eyes of Rome tickets are essentially the same tickets as the Vatican Museums skip-the-line tickets. However, there are indeed some substantial differences to consider. 

    As an official partner of the Vatican Museums, using our tickets grants you access to rooms generally closed to the general public such as the "Stanza degli Ori" (Golden Room) or the "Gabinetto delle Maschere" (Cabinet of Masks).

    Also keep in mind that Tour Operators with a partnership account have Early Morning access to the Museums - 1 hour prior to the public opening.

    Also consider that Eyes of Rome offers Meet & Greet Service meaning there will always be one of our agents/guides taking care of the tickets for you while at the door. So you do not have to worry about anything.

    Hopefully this has cleared up some of your doubts!

    Happy travels

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    Thank you for clarifying. I was a little confused as there are so many options to chose from!!

    I would like to place a booking as you guys came up highly recommended. It's a present for my parents for their anniversary and they have never been to Rome before so I would prefer you to handle everything including tickets. They will arrive on May the 12th. I am most interested in making sure they do not spend any time queuing for their Sistine Chapel tour. 

    Where do we go from here?

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    Support Team

    Hi again,

    we would love to introduce your parents to Rome and of course they will avoid the line with us to enter the Vatican Museums.

    You can place your booking directly from our website or by dropping us an email at info@eyesofrome.com.

    Make sure you do state that it is your parents anniversary! We would love to welcome them with a sentimental token :-)

    Since this is their first time visiting Rome I would recommend you to have a look at our article, Finding the Right Vatican Experience where we list the differences between our Vatican Tours. Also since this is their first time in our beautiful city here is a post on our Suggested Roman Weekend you might find useful. 


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    Jessica Merrill

    I just thought I would add my experience here.

    My boyfriend and I decided at the last minute to come to Rome after our trip to Venice. We had one day only and we wanted to see mainly the Vatican. This should have really been planned in advance because tickets were sold out on the day we arrived.
    We were able to book a last minute Vatican tour with EoR thanks to recommendation of a friend who lives there. Thank god they had skip-the-line tickets available!!
    Our guide, Azura, met us at the tour site and took us straight past the rather long line- straight in and on with our tour! She made us feel VIP from the start, and kept us interested, entertained, and in awe throughout the tour. She also gave us some great tips on what to do on our own. Azzurra was our saviour and i would recommend her 100%!!! Thank you!!

  • What an extraordinary comment am I reading right now!!! I am flattered. From the office they told me about a very pleasant review on a tour I gave a while ago, but they didn’t want to tell me who wrote it to make me die for curiosity, since they knew I’ve just moved in a new apartment and I didn’t have any internet connection for days. So , imagine after a week of frustration dealing with the technical Service what a beautiful surprise to read this words . I am so glad you still have a nice memory of the visit. Honestly guys, touring with you that day was like bringing some old friends through one of my favorite places. “My office” sometimes could be very packed, and it could be a nightmare to walk in that galleries, but thanks to your flexibility and Andrew’ s jokes it was very easy.
    Thanks again, and let’s keep in touch.
    Lots of Kisses Azzurra

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    Amanda D

    My family and I want to thank you with your flexibility! Bringing a baby to Rome wasn't the ideal situation, but Eyes of Rome was really able to make things easy on us. First of all, they offered us the ability to buy Vatican tickets so we could do a self-guided tour of the Vatican (not super exciting for our 6-month-old) but was on our 'must-do' list! We skipped a lot of the Museums, but of course saw the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. We also booked their 'Create-your-own' tour so we could keep moving- helping us make sure our daughter didn't get bored and cranky. We were able to do shorter than normal visits to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the ancient city center, and even did some of Rome by car, which was ideal as the baby slept! Our guide was great, so once again, thank you Eyes for a great time and good memories!

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