The Colosseum Undergrounds and Belvedere




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    Adam Dyer

    I can't wait to visit the Hypogeum after learning so much about it through online courses and documentaries.. I hope there'll be availability when I get there in June. I wonder if its possible to visit the Roman Houses of Celio instead of the Forum cause I think my wife and I can do that on our own.

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    Tour Design Team

    Hello Adam, 

    All of our tours allow you to customize the itinerary to suit your preferences so if you would like to visit the Case Romane del Celio of course we can arrange it into your tour and leave out the visit to the Forum. As far as the availability to see the Hypogeum and Third Tier, we suggest sending us an email at info@eyesofrome.com in order to see if your tour date coincides with the availability of the sites. 

    We hope this information was useful!


    Eyes of Rome team

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    Kevin Atkins

    Just a quick positive feedback on the Private Ancient Rome Tour + Colosseum Belvedere extension:

    I asked my girlfriend to marry me on the upper tier! The view was amazing...she couldn't say no :)

    If you're looking for a romantic spot just ask your tour guide... I was with Azzurra, she is simply great! She planned with me the itinerary and suggested me where to stop, she even grabbed a video of the proposal!

    Even if you're done with proposals, add the Belvedere extension, it really worths it!

  • Ciao Kevin!! Thank you for your feedback, it's been a pleasure to plan with you your romantic tour! There are many spots to recommend, but a proposal on the 5th tier of the Colosseum with that view of the City deserves for sure a YES I WILL :) 

    The Belvedere is amazing! Since it has been reopened in 2017 many tourists who are coming to visit Rome will have the chance to see it for the very first time! The access through the Arena is stunning! You will feel like a real Gladiator!* 

    *Please note that real Lions and many other wild animals are not included in the tour :P

    A presto!

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    Regarding the Colosseum tour underground and arena, how long does actually last the underground bit of the whole tour? Total tour is 3.5 hours if I understood correctly.. 


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