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    Angela Griffin

    Hi Eyes of Rome! I am writing from Rhode Island. I am planning our holidays in Italy with my husband and of course we cannot miss Rome. I have a friend who booked a tour with Eyes of rome. She had had Dennis as a guide for the Vatican and she told me he was absolutely fantastic! Especially because she booked an early bird tour and the whole atmosphere was more pleasant and relaxing, she said. But I am wondering, since you guys offer this service, how many people visit the Vatican with an early reservation? I would like to ask Dennis a question, since my friend said he is very nice and experienced on Vatican tours. 

    Dear Dennis, is it really worth going to visit the vatican early in the morning? How many people visit the Vatican on an early bird tour? Can you, as a visitor, really tell the difference? I would love to arrange something special for my husband since he is a devout Catholic. Thank you!

  • Hi Angela, thank you for your question and for reaching out to me. I am very pleased your friend enjoyed the tour with me and eyes of rome. Can I ask you what is your friend’s name? I would like to send her my greetings  :)

    Regarding your questions, if the early bird is worth it, I would say is a big YES. First of all, with the Vatican early bird you avoid the biggest crowds. The tour starts at 7am or 7.30am and it finishes at 11.30am. At 9.30am the museums’ doors open to the general public and you will see the difference then. By that time we will be already half way through the tour, we will have visited already the Sistine Chapel, and will already be on our way to St. Peter’s basilica. Another fact to consider is that if you are planning to come to visit Rome in summertime, it is good to know that the museums get really warm due to the lack of air conditioning and to the number of visitors. Therefore the earlier the better! In terms of how many people visit the Vatican with an early booking, it is hard to answer to this question, since we are not the only tour operator offering this service. However the number of visitors on an early bird is roughly 20% of the visitors on a normal booking. The atmosphere, I can guarantee, is way different then on a normal Vatican entrance, more calm and relaxing, especially in the Sistine Chapel, and this is how it should be visited. 

    I hope this answered your questions and concerns, and if you want to read more details about this tour I suggest you to have a look at this article. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any other questions!

    Ciao, we hope to see you soon here in Rome

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    Angela Griffin

    Hi Denis, thank you very much for your answer! Kelly McDouglas, my friend, is saying hello to you!! Your answer has been very helpful thank you. I see that the early morning vatican is one of your best sellers and I was worried that it could have been crowded as it is known it can be in the normal booking hours. But you made it sound much better so I will definitely go for it.

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    Al Freeman

    Hey Angela, I have done an early morning vatican with my partner in July and that made a huge difference on our day. The vatican got really packed at some point in the morning but we had already seen the most important places of the museums with few lucky ones (like us) inside. I really recommend this tour, especially during the high season. A big thanks also to the Eyes of Rome team and our guide Serena, lovely!

  • Angela, with my pleasure! I am sure you will enjoy the tour. I am available if you have any other questions. Have a great day! Ciao also to Kelly :)


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    Cynthia B.

    Thank you eyes of rome for all the hard work you have done for us! We weren’t the easiest family I know :) Stefania, our guide for all of our stay in Roma was absolutely fantastic. We booked the early vatican tour suggested by eyes of rome and it was just amazing. we did everything we could in three days, discovering, eating, walking…WE LOVE ROME!

  • Hi Al. I am glad you liked the tour! The early morning is a nice way to navigate the Vatican. I really enjoyed being with you guys. A big hug to you two :)

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    Matthew Douglas

    We went on a Early morning Vatican tour and Guiliano was our guide. Loved his enthusiasm and we were all impressed with his knowledge. Getting to see the Sistine Chapel before the crowds was the greatest thing! Afterwards, he gave us recommendations for food and coffee, and handed me his business card in case we had any questions while we were in town. We didn't get to the restaurant, but the coffee recommendation was spectacular! Tazza d'Oro!

  • Ciao Matthew! thank you for your lovely comment here. I had lots of fun with you on tour. Come to Rome soon and don’t forget to try my restaurants’ suggestions ;)    Big hug

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    Wunderbare tour! Unsere guide Valeria war wirklich hervorragend. Es hat sich tatsächlich ausgelohnt die Tour um 7:30 zu beginnen, wir waren fast die ersten in den Museen! 

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    Ainsley Alexander

    Just a quick note to say a big thank-you to our amazing Early Morning Tour Guide, Karin.  We were so impressed with Karin's approachability and professionalism as well as her extensive knowledge of the art and museum exhibits.  Karin was able to tailor the tour to best suit our interests, and we could not have hoped for a better experience. We will be recommending this tour, and Karin in particular, to all of our friends and family visiting Italy. 

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    Robert Ferras

    Great tour! Rome is such a wonderful place and so it is the Vatican. Having booked the early morning entrance it was a perfect choice, definitively not crowded! A special thanks to Michela who was very sweet and engaging!

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    Elaine Johnson

    Hi Eyes of Rome team. I'm looking at booking your Vatican Early Morning tour, but I have a question about your Vatican PRIME upgrade! It looks great, getting in before EVERYONE, but how does this work?? The pickup time for the Early Morning tour is 7AM, but with the PRIME upgrade, pickup time is at 7:20...is that correct? If so, how is it possible to get in earlier with the PRIME upgrade?? Thanks so much,


  • Hey Elaine,

    Great questions about our PRIME upgrade!

    Our Vatican Early Morning tour is great, you can avoid much of the crowds by being some of the first people to enter the Museums by entering right when they open at 8AM. We are not the only tour company to have access to this entrance and to ensure we are some of the first people inside, we meet you at your hotel at 7 so that we can be some of the first (if not the first) in line to enter when doors open at 8AM.

    The PRIME upgrade gives you access to our exclusive (yes, we are the only PRIVATE tour company to have access to this) 7:45 entrance, without waiting in line at all! This means you can sleep a little extra, leave a little later, and still enter the Vatican before EVERYONE else!!

    This is my favorite product that we offer and I highly recommend it.  Thanks for your question!


    Mara Arman

    Eyes of Rome

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    Andrew DeRosa

    Hi Eyes of Rome,

    I'm looking at a Private Tour of the Vatican Museums and I'm interested in your Early Bird / PRIME Tour with VIP access. I prefer to access early as I've heard about large crowds inside the Museums, however, I would like to have lunch with my kids at the Museums Restaurant (I think I would choose the one in the Courtyard).

    Is it possible for the guide to lead us there at the end of the tour?

  • Ciao Andrew,

    This is Silvia from Eyes of Rome! 

    I would like to provide you with more information about the tour itself and the itinerary we will follow: We will start from the main Galleries located inside the Vatican Museums (you know....it is actually a collection of Museums!!), then we will get to the Sistine Chapel which is the last "Room" of the Museums. This tour include St.Peter's Basilica, which is accessible through a shortcut located inside the Sistine Chapel. Unfortunately the shortcut is a one-way passage, if we get to St.Peter's we can not walk back to the Museums. The ticket is valid for one entrance only so, even if we go back to the entrance, we won't be allowed to enter with the same ticket. 

    Of course, we can decide together the itinerary to follow: if you wish to stay inside the Museums so to have lunch with your kids, you can think about skipping St.Peter's Basilica (Which is free of charge and can be visited in the afternoon as well) and we can lead you to the Courtyard, extending the visit inside the Museums....

    We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts at info@eyesofrome.com!

    A presto!

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    Carla Dos Santos

    @Andrew DeRosa

    That's exactly what I did last year with my family! We actually were "forced" to take a break, as my mother had already visited St.Peter's Basilica and she insisted to stay inside the Museums........well, St.Peter's is stunning but we had the chance to explore the Carriage Pavilion and, if I am not wrong, the Borgia Apartments, before to reach the Sistine Chapel.

    I wish you a nice trip,


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