The Ideal Roman Weekend




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    Michelle Connard

    My mum came to visit me (I am studying in Rome) and I wanted to show her the sites of Rome. Your Roman weekend tour was great- I felt like I was able to show her everything important to see in Rome in just a couple of days.

    Grazie Eyes!

    I will book the same tours when my dad comes over to visit me

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    Support Team

    Thank you Michelle. We are very happy that our article inspired you to book with us. 

    Which one of our weekend tours did you like the most?

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    Michelle Connard

    My guide for all tours was Sara. Best guide in the world!! my mum wanted to adopt her after the first tour.


    On our city walking tour we didn't realize 3 hours had gone by so quickly! From there it was on to a food and wine tour which we both absolutely loved. The next morning we did the Early Bird Vatican experience and it was absolutely amazing to have the Sistine Chapel nearly to ourselves!! Sara was amazing and answered all of our questions without making us feel like we were wasting her time. Very gracious. We were both excited and little sad to start our last tour with Sara- the Colosseum and Roman Forum. We were so glad to be with her, she really brought the ruins alive with stories of Roman senators, gladiators, and slaves. 5/5!

    If I had to choose I would say the Early Bird was the best as we felt very privileged. Please thank Sara from me and my mom.

  • Dear Michelle!
    Thank you so much for your comments and above all, for the time we spent together!
    I have been so happy to tour Rome with your mother and you, I enjoyied each single minute!
    You are such a lovely family and I was so glad to be part of your roman experience.
    I'm looking forward to meet the rest of your family, I already have a couple of suggestions for you!
    You told me that your father is interested in Archeology, well next time we could visit the catacombs and St. Clement's Basilica, the amazing site built layer upon layer. Here in Rome we call that incredible place the "lasagna church". I can't wait to take you down there!

    Please give my regards to your mom!
    A big hug



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    Nina Hunter

    Ciao eyes of rome. This is just a comment I’d like to leave to your website (after my husband has already done a trip advisor review). We want to thank you so much for making our trip in Rome more and more fabulous! We loved Silvia who was a great tour guide who took us around the city center. Without her we wouldn’t have known or paid attention to all the little things you find along the way. A walking tour is highly recommended for those who have never been in this open-air museum. Thanks also to the office for your great job in organizing everything for us, and thanks for your punctuality and for making us smile!

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    Tyler Hop

    My wife, brother and sister-in-law recently spent a full day with Maria Linda from Eyes of Roma Storytellers. We booked a Heart of Rome tour which was an outstanding experience! She really made it such an awesome day and of course Rome helps the satisfaction as it is a beautiful place. Walking around the city centre where the locals hang out gives you another prospective of the place. Maria Linda was extraordinarily knowledgeable, helpful and funny! We recommend her 100%

  • Hi Tylor, how are you and the other guys? thank you for your comment, you guys are amazing! I hope to see you again here in Rome! Ciao and enjoy the panettone you brought back home :)

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