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    Michelle Connard

    My mum came to visit me (I am studying in Rome) and I wanted to show her the sites of Rome. Your Roman weekend tour was great- I felt like I was able to show her everything important to see in Rome in just a couple of days.

    Grazie Eyes!

    I will book the same tours when my dad comes over to visit me

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    Support Team

    Thank you Michelle. We are very happy that our article inspired you to book with us. 

    Which one of our weekend tours did you like the most?

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    Michelle Connard

    My guide for all tours was Sara. Best guide in the world!! my mum wanted to adopt her after the first tour.


    On our city walking tour we didn't realize 3 hours had gone by so quickly! From there it was on to a food and wine tour which we both absolutely loved. The next morning we did the Early Bird Vatican experience and it was absolutely amazing to have the Sistine Chapel nearly to ourselves!! Sara was amazing and answered all of our questions without making us feel like we were wasting her time. Very gracious. We were both excited and little sad to start our last tour with Sara- the Colosseum and Roman Forum. We were so glad to be with her, she really brought the ruins alive with stories of Roman senators, gladiators, and slaves. 5/5!

    If I had to choose I would say the Early Bird was the best as we felt very privileged. Please thank Sara from me and my mom.

  • Dear Michelle!
    Thank you so much for your comments and above all, for the time we spent together!
    I have been so happy to tour Rome with your mother and you, I enjoyied each single minute!
    You are such a lovely family and I was so glad to be part of your roman experience.
    I'm looking forward to meet the rest of your family, I already have a couple of suggestions for you!
    You told me that your father is interested in Archeology, well next time we could visit the catacombs and St. Clement's Basilica, the amazing site built layer upon layer. Here in Rome we call that incredible place the "lasagna church". I can't wait to take you down there!

    Please give my regards to your mom!
    A big hug



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    Nina Hunter

    Ciao eyes of rome. This is just a comment I’d like to leave to your website (after my husband has already done a trip advisor review). We want to thank you so much for making our trip in Rome more and more fabulous! We loved Silvia who was a great tour guide who took us around the city center. Without her we wouldn’t have known or paid attention to all the little things you find along the way. A walking tour is highly recommended for those who have never been in this open-air museum. Thanks also to the office for your great job in organizing everything for us, and thanks for your punctuality and for making us smile!

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    Tyler Hop

    My wife, brother and sister-in-law recently spent a full day with Maria Linda from Eyes of Roma Storytellers. We booked a Heart of Rome tour which was an outstanding experience! She really made it such an awesome day and of course Rome helps the satisfaction as it is a beautiful place. Walking around the city centre where the locals hang out gives you another prospective of the place. Maria Linda was extraordinarily knowledgeable, helpful and funny! We recommend her 100%

  • Hi Tylor, how are you and the other guys? thank you for your comment, you guys are amazing! I hope to see you again here in Rome! Ciao and enjoy the panettone you brought back home :)

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    hi eyes of rome! i know that the capitoline museums are very interesting. What if I’d like to take the Michelangelo tour and change the end of the tour at the Capitoline square and then add an extra hour for a guided visit of the museums?

  • Hi Edward, I am one of the guides of Eyes of Rome, thanks for reaching out to us! Yes of course you can arrange with us the itinerary according to your very own interests. I agree, the Capitoline museums are very interesting and if you'd like to have it guided then yes an extra hour should be fine. Otherwise you may want to see our 'Dive into Roman History' tour, and maybe considering it as well. Please let us know if you have any other questions :)

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    Isaac M.

    Among the reasons why I chose Rome for my holidays, was after having watched the film Great Beauty. EoR Great beauty tour is fantastic, lovely walking tour and especially my guide Silvia Monti was the greatest beat of Rome ;) please pass the message on to her

  • Hi Isaac, nice to hear from you! thank you for your lovely comment here :) I have been so happy to be in your company for half day and discover your passion for the cinema. Let us know if you come back to Italy. Ciao

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    Tamara Sab.

    I wanted to leave my comment here. I have been touring with Marta the Jewish Getto in Rome. Fab! knowledgeable, smart and funny she engages with you in any ways! I am glad we chose eyes of rome ;)


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    Oliver Sabbah

    I went with my older daughter to Rome, and we spent a nice evening with Elisa visiting the iconic places of St. Paul and covering the most important steps of his life. Elisa was fantastic, nice, funny and very knowledgable, and made us enjoy this day even if the weather wasn't the best. Thank you Elisa!

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    Walter H.

    We are a group of 7 art historians and we want to make the most of our time in Rome. We want to go in-depth with the life of Bernini. However, from your itinerary there isn’t Navona square where I know, there is one of the best pieces of Bernini. Can we add it on Bernini's tour?

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    Edward (Edited )

    Hi guys. At the end I took the Michelangelo tour on its own and the day after Dive into Roman history tour. Thank you Rosalba for giving this option and the eyes of rome team for all your patience with the booking! this tour made my day!

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    Customer Support Team

    Dear Walter thank you for reaching out eyes of rome. 

    Our in the footstep of Bernini tour is designed without a stop in Navona Square because we chose to cover other places but if you want to see the square with your private guide you can ask directly to he/she to take you there. You can also consider to add one extra hour to the tour to have a more relaxing visit and to see more places. 

    I hope I have been helpful with this answer and please send us an email at info@eyesofrome.com for further queries.

    Valentina - Eyes of Rome Team

  • Dear Nina and Arthur. Thank you for your lovely message, and thank you again for your company! When are you guys coming back to Rome? I want to bring you to many other places!

    I look forward to seeing you soon. Big hugs X

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    Angela Loecher

    Marta is the best guide! we had her too for the Jewish Getto tour. We also tried the carciofi ala giudea under her recommendation. So good!!!

  • hey both Tamara and Angela :) thank you so much for your reviews! I love that tour and i am happy I was able to express this passion. Rome is here, waiting for you! Much love

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    June Davis

    Hey I just wanted to suggest that the Vatican Under the Stars tour could easily be added to the 'Ideal Roman Weekend' list- it certainly seemed ideal for our weekend. My husband and I only had 3 nights in Rome, and on our first night (a Friday) we booked this tour. It was truly a magical experience to enter the museums late and see the masterpieces inside with a lot less people than normal. Long story short, fun tour, exceptional service, with pickup at our hotel and an amazing guide.

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    Terry C

    I loved the City Walking Tour. I had no idea that almost all the most famous spots in Rome were so close, and our guide Azzurra was great. She knew absolutely everything- even when we tried to stump her, she had an answer. Anyways, after this tour, together with the Vatican and Colosseum, you'll have seen most of what people come to Rome to see, and can cross Rome off your bucket list!

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    Gayle Rowe

    Hey, me too! The City Walking Tour was great!! We did ours in the evening and it was totally romantic. It's also cool because there are no tickets to buy, just you, the guide and amazing ancient Rome to see. My favorite was the Pantheon and its history- wow! Highly recommended (also there's a golf cart option, which we didn't opt for, but when my parents come I will tell them!) Ciao Eyes of Rome

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    Marla Doreen Saunders

    Hi Gayle, I experienced the tour you are referring to, the Golf Cart Tour of the main Piazzas and Fountains! We were three nephews travelling with an elderly aunt and our grandma, who is on her 80. We had a great experience! When I booked the tour I thought the guide was the one to drive the Golf Cart, I felt so silly when I found out that a professional private driver was leading us instead! We had the chance to walk short distances - just the necessary to throw a coin at the Trevi Fountain, and our guide Stefania was simply GREAT! Grazie Stefania, grazie Eyes of Rome. 


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    Giacomo Minelli III

    Ciao Eyes of Rome,

    The Angels and Demons Tour is definitely a MUST to me! Can't really miss it on my next trip.......my brother and I are coming soon to Rome. Our wives are not great fans instead. Do you recommend me to book this tour just for my brother and myself or do you think our wives will get entertained and enjoy the tour? 


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    Tour Design Team

    Ciao Giacomo!

    Your wives can't really miss this tour! Our guides are expert storytellers and in their company you can NEVER get bored! Unfortunately we do not guarantee Tom Hanks as a tour guide, but believe us: our guides are great performers :)

    Write us at info@eyesofrome.com for more information and don't forget: The Path of the ILLUMINATI is waiting for you to discover it guys!

    A presto!

    Eyes of Rome Team



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    Laura Sandersson

    Hi guys this will be my third time in Rome, I am traveling from Sweden. I am mostly interested in Baroque Rome and it is my understanding that you are able to combine more than one tour in a day and focus on specific interests. I was thinking to mix the Footsteps of Caravaggio Tour with the Bernini themed walking tour, would it be possible to create a combined walking tour like this? How long would it be and is it doable on Sundays? I'll travel in May and I still have to plan the whole holiday schedule, so I wanted to ask for your advice first. 

  • Ciao Laura, it would be lovely to arrange such a customized tour: in more than 2000 years Rome has been the set for the most important art movements ever existed and Baroque is possibly the most spectacular!

    Actually, if you are such a a Baroque-lover, you’d not want to miss Francesco Borromini and his architectural genius, too. BorrominiBernini and Caravaggio were three of the brightest stars of the Baroque ever happened in our World. The three of them were living in the same city at the same time and gave birth to the highest Baroque blooming in painting and sculpture.

    On your customized tour you’ll wander the beautiful squares of Rome, as well as Castel Sant’Angelo and its iconic bridge. The visit can continue with a stop in the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, which houses beautiful works of art by Caravaggio, and end in one of the most beautiful squares in Rome: Piazza Navona with the splendid Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi by Bernini, right aside the imposing Church of Sant’Agnese by Borromini (just to mention a few).

    We suggest to allow this tour at least 5 or 6 hours, so it’s recommended to start in the morning. Such a tour does not require entrance tickets (you will be visiting mostly churches and squares), so it can be easily schedule any day. However, given that churches generally host celebrations on Sunday mornings, we’d suggest to go for the weekdays or Saturdays. Feel free to contact our help center at info@eyesofrome.com as soon as you have your calendar set and we’ll be happy to assist with your booking.


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    Hello! I’d love to visit trastevere and the Jewish Ghetto. I am coming to rome with my mother who has problem in walking long distances. I was thinking to take your Heart of Rome tour on golf cart. Is this possible?

    please advise, thanks!

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    Adam Hill

    Dear Eyes of Rome, I am thinking of adding your "In the footsteps of Saint Paul" Tour and I have read it has been recently closed as it has collapsed. What is exactly to be seen there?

  • Dear Adam,

    I am happy to confirm the Mamertine Prison has recently reopened after its past and sad collapse. We are able to restore the regular tour itinerary that was temporarily suspended. The Mamertine Prison, located in Rome at the foot of Capitoline Hill overlooking the ruins of the Roman forum, is a real hidden gem in Rome: jails and prisons were in fact not a common feature in ancient Rome. This little cell was actually a cistern for a spring but during its use as a jail, have described the cells as dank, torturous dungeons. It was mostly a narrow place where important state prisoners were lowered into, often prior to their execution. Famous prisoners here include the Goth Jugurtha, the indomitable Gaul Vercingetorix: some names Italian students have to study for years and years in Italian schools!!

    At some point the small jail was connected to the story of a Christian man being jailed by the Romans: according to early church tradition, either Saints Peter and Paul were incarcerated in the Mamertine jail by the Emperor Nero prior to their execution.

    You can clearly understand how important this site is and the very high impact it can have on visitors. Do not miss it, either when you are visiting Saint Paul’s sites or as an add-on to a Colosseum and Roman Forum Tour!

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