The Ideal Roman Weekend




  • A message for Cinema Lovers: if you haven't watched "The Great Beauty", a 2013 movie by Paolo Sorrentino awarded as Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, as well as the Golden Globe and the BAFTA, in the same category, please do it! Once in Rome, then, don't miss the opportunity to see the city through those very eyes, and with Eyes of Rome! You will have the extraordinary chance to find unknown perspectives in the extraordinary settings in Rome, and also understand more of the multi-layered meanings of the movie. 

    The Eternal City and its unique combination of sacred and profane has always been one of the most favorite cinematic locations ever. The city of the movie is a sort of imaginary Rome, breathtakingly beautiful and impassive, far from its everyday problems: as the camera lingers on the historical facades, bridges, squares, from the most famous sites to the most secret ones, you will follow your guide and discover the same magical sense of wonder.  We'll watch well-known sites with new eyes, the same way the camera caresses the stones, the plasters, the marble, focusing on unusual angles and perspectives. 

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