Florence: The heart of Tuscany and the capital city of the old Kingdom




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    Julia Nguyen

    I was wondering whether it is possible to visit Florence and Pisa on a day trip from Rome. We only have one day available to visit these places and don't want to choose on just one. Thanks in advance for your help

  • Ciao Julia! What a great question! It happens quite often that we have guests that would like to see as much as possible in one day due to their tight schedules.

    While I personally believe it best to spend one night in Florence, to be able to enjoy and get a real feel for the city and its history, it is absolutely doable in one day.

    The tours we offer in Florence and Pisa that you can find on our website are designed both to start and finish in Florence. However, our great tour designers will be happy to set up a private driver for you from Rome, to include a stop in Florence and a visit in the city center and the Accademia, and then continue towards Pisa.

    If you are looking instead for a more cost effective option, I highly suggest booking the fast train from Rome to Florence early in the morning (it takes no longer than 1.5 hours and it much cheaper than a private driver) and meeting your private guide and driver directly at the Florence train station!

    Just send us an email at info@eyesofrome.com and we will send you an outline of all options available!


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    I saw your Tuscany Hill tour and this is just what i was looking for. My husband is obsessed with Tuscany and.. wine, of course ;) Does this tour start from Florence or we could do a round trip from Rome too?


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    When is the best time to do the Chianti tour? 

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    Tour Design Team

    Ciao Steph,

    Thanks for your question! The best time to tour Chianti is Spring or early October (during the end of the harvest)

    The Summer usually becomes very hot within the fields and an active activity wouldn't be as enjoyable for some. 

    We have many new Tuscany tours coming soon so stay tuned for your perfect experience! Grazie again and please feel free to email us if you have any other questions :)


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    Tour Design Team

    Ciao Clara! 

    Thank you for writing to us :) It's great to hear you found a perfect experience for you both. It starts from your Florence accommodation, however, simply send us an email and we can arrange a driver from your Rome accommodation for either a long day trip or better yet, a transfer to your next destination. 

    From Rome to Florence/Tuscany there are many beautiful places to stop along the way too, so we can make the most of the transfer by turning it into a transfer tour day! :D 

    We have some very cool tours about wine coming out very soon! 

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