Rome in the 20th Century




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    Landon Fong

    Hi Eyes, I am an interior designer and I am starting a university exchange program in Rome this spring. I am greatly inspired by the grace and fantasy of Art Noveau and I have read the Coppedé district is an amazing display for these artworks and architecture, can your guide focus on this aspect mostly? It would be a great workshop for my studies and job!

  • Dear Landon, 

    Italy is source of great inspiration for art and architecture and Rome has a wide range of architectural and decorative elements of the Twenties to be explored, especially in the bizarre and elaborated Coppedè district. Coppedè, named after architect Gino Coppedè, is actually a mixture of  styles such as Art Nouveau, Medieval, Baroque and Neoclassic. You could tell Coppedè is Rome’s answer to Gaudì structures in Barcelona. Glass decorations by Cambellotti will definitely mesmerize you. I am sure you'll love it. 

    Having a private guide always allow you to adjust your itinerary according to your main interests and our guides are knowledgeable and expert in many different fields. You are welcome to book your tour online and add your request for an "Art-Noveau" focused content in the note section of the booking form. We will assign a guide specialized in 20th century art to your tour and make sure you'll enjoy the most of it. You are also welcome to ask as many questions as you want, of course!

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