Special trip to Italy with my fiancé ...



  • Ciao Theo,

    What a great and romantic idea to do your proposal in Italy! My congratulations and best wishes! 

    If you look for a special place where to do it, I think we should consider a location that could be unforgettable, but also unique and intimate. I've seen more than one couple proposing at the Trevi Fountain, or in the Colosseum ... They are both wonderful places, but there's always the risk of being surrounded by hundreds of people ... and it could be less romantic and than expected ... :)

    I think it could be beautiful to plan a long walk and visit some of the most popular attractions or, why not?, lose yourself in an amazing collection of art, like the Borghese Gallery, where many statues by Bernini tell you about love and passion... You could reach the Gianicolo Hill at the sunset (here is one of the most impressive views on the City), and finally do your proposal there ... And do not forget a bottle of Franciacorta, the Italian champagne!

    The cherry on top will be a delicious dinner in a romantic, old fashioned restaurant. One of my favorite locations for a memorable night is "La Veranda", but there's plenty of choices and you can have a look to this post, too: https://support.eyesofrome.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000559569-The-Best-RESTAURANTS-in-Rome 

    Hope I've been helpful! More ideas to come!

    Stefania :)

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    Theo Brown

    Wow Stefania this is so kind of you to take the time to suggest all this to me. I agree though, my girlfriend and I are both a bit shy so somewhere a bit more secluded would be ideal.. after googling Gianicolo I think that site has incredible views that she would really appreciate.. I also like the idea of the dinner at Veranda cause it's close to Gianicolo.. 

    Do you have any suggestions as to what we should order? also for the next day I want to treat her to a tour of the city. Which one do you recommend?

    Thanks again Stefania.



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  • Theo, hey

    I'm so glad you liked my suggestions for the proposal! I agree the view from Gianicolo is spectacular and If you decide to eat at La Veranda I would try the Spaghetti with zucchini flowers or the Fettuccine with artichokes because these are Roman favorites! For the main course I would choose any of the fish dishes because they're selected based on the time of year to ensure their freshness! 

    I think it's so sweet of you to plan a tour for your future wife-to-be! If you only have time for one tour I would highly suggest our Early Morning Vatican tour because you'll be able to appreciate the experience better than if you went on your own. The museums can be challenging to navigate without a professional and if you join the Early Morning tour you will be able to beat the hectic crowds. If you're looking to stroll around the town I would suggest trying our City Walking tour to see the most iconic sites like the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps- perfect for inducing romance!

    I hope my advice finds you well! Good luck with the proposal and best wishes!

    Stefania :)


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