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    Sarah Wiggins

    I know what you mean its annoying but my italian friends have all told me you might as well take a white cab cause its not even worth the wait when you work out the cost difference.

    Although I imagine the wait time is less during the day and if you're closer to the centre. Right now I'm relying on apps like city mapper to check the busses when I don't wanna pay for the taxis. Have you tried getting around by night that way instead?


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    Support Team

    Hello Michelle and welcome to Eyes of Rome Community.

    We are sorry to hear you did not have much luck using Uber here in Rome. 

    Uber has been active in Rome for the past years but there are some restrictions. On July the 9th 2015 the app UberPop has been declared illegal from the Italian Court of Milan. Other Uber services have been classified as illicit too unless regulated. 

    As for now, February 2017, Uber keeps being an efficient way to travel in Italy and UberBlack is active in the cities of Rome and Milan, however its use might vary according to italian laws in the near future. There is a big debate whether Uber drivers should have a license and being regulated in the same way as Taxi drivers.

    In any case many Eyes of Rome clients like using Uber while in Rome specially for the possibility to pay by Credit Cards which are not always accepted in white official taxis. 

    Consider there are other ways to travel around Rome in case Uber is not an option:

    • URI (Italian RadioTaxi Union) App
    • Calling 063570 or 066645 or 06551 to book a Taxi
    • Sending an SMS to +393666730000 with the following text "City street name and number" (Roma via Germanico 101)
    • Booking a NCC (Private Driver) Limo Service by one of the many private companies in Rome.
    • Calling Eyes of Rome! we would love to help.

    Happy travels!

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    Josh Lopez

    hey guys, 

    just found this article the other day.. doesn't look like good news:



    Not sure if there is a way to translate the article but in essence it seems as if the taxis are striking and there's even talks about blocking uber drivers because of the unfair competition.. wonder how this will all play out.


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    Customer Support Team

    Hello Eyes of Rome community. Just a follow up on Uber here. The Italian government has approved Uber in Rome and Milan! Here’s the article, although it’s in italian…

    You can find Uber and use it in Rome through the app. However, at the moment is not the most reliable way to travel in Rome. Taxis are still the best way in our opinion.

    We will keep you updated on this case. Stay tuned with EoR!

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