10 Things You Didn't Know About the Colosseum



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    Mike McCloskey

    I thought I knew a lot about ancient Rome but nearly all of these facts just blew my mind! I should pay another visit soon... Is it possible to see the underground of the colosseum? I was in Rome many years ago but we never went underneath

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    Josh Lopez

    This is so cool.. having studied latin in school the culiseo joke stands out even more than the other facts hahah

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    Lydia Martinez

    This is so fascinating! I was reading the other day that there were even female gladiators!! they were called Amazones because of the tribes they came from.. I read that they fought only against each other and occasionally animals but it was very popular up until 200 ad when Settimio prohibited it but it continued anyway cause of its popularity. It was more like modern day wrestling though cause they didnt fight to the death

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