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    Tour Design Team (Edited )

    Hello Erin,

    We can understand your frustration. Often times it can feel as if the strikes happen unexpectedly but if you check the official Roman public transportation link, http://www.atac.roma.it/ , there is information about planned upcoming and current strikes so you can prepare yourself! There are also applications like Mouversi that are quite good at detecting strikes and try to provide alternative routes.

    If you're ever looking for information regarding taxi strikes, we recommend checking Wanted in Rome which is Rome's only English newspaper. We have also seen articles about the public transportation strikes from time to time. 

    We hope you find this helpful!


    Eyes of Rome team

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    Erin Trang Stewart

    I've been checking the website since you sent me this, thank you again eyes of rome! You've saved me the hassle and inconvenience of discovering the strikes unexpectedly when I can easily check online now and see the ATAC schedules.

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