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    Support Team (Edited )

    Hello Richard,

    First of all congratulations from Eyes of Rome on your anniversary.
    Have you and your wife been to Rome before? If you have not been to the Eternal City before, the following two suggestions will be the best options in our opinion.

    If you and your wife are planning to join a few tours, we recommend starting with the City Walking Tour. This is because your guide will make a lot of useful suggestions along the tour based on the your interests and based on the location of your accommodation. You’ll gain insight on how to move about the city as well as best places to eat, drink, shop and explore. 

    If you two are only able to make it to one tour, we highly suggest making it one of our Vatican Tours. Our guides are able to navigate through the vast museums easily ensuring that you will see all the most important works. The Vatican has a treasure-trove of beautiful art and relics but without the proper context, their value is difficult to decipher. This is where your private guide will be of tremendous use as she/he will make the works come to life with their impeccable storytelling capabilities and their expertise on the history. For more information about the variety of Vatican tours we provide, please visit this link.

    If you and your wife have in fact been to Rome before, we suggest trying something unique like

    • ’In the footsteps of Caravaggio’
    • ’The Catacombs’
    • ’Angels and Demons’
    • ’Borghese Gallery’

    Thank you for sharing your inquiry and we hope that this information helps you two to plan your journey accordingly!



    Eyes of Rome team



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    Stefania Pistone | Eyes of Rome | Tour Guide (Edited )

    Ciao Richard!

    I also think that a city walking tour can be the best introduction to the City and you could ask your guide for better information and plan the next days, especially if you will tour on your own.

    But if you have a particular interest in History and Archaeology, since you are about to visit the Eternal City, I can tell one of my favorite itineraries is the Ancient Rome tour. I think it is a unique experience and you will appreciate the essence of our City in a completely different way, having a guide with you. A guided tour will help your imagination to recreate the Republican and Imperial Rome, its huge and opulent architectures, its perfect administration and its influence on the future cultures and the inspirations from other earlier civilizations.

    And once you will enter a Museum like the Vatican, while walking through their great archaeological collections, you will make a circle and complete your experience, while admiring the most precious marbles and statues discovered during the excavations.

    If I can give you a tip, if you have to choose which tour to book, think about your interests and be sure you will guarantee yourself the best opportunity. 

    Have a great vacation!

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    Richard Banning

    Hello Stefania,


    THank you for your detailed response, I can tell you are very passionate about the city. I should have clarified myself. We have been to Rome several times before but we have never been on a tour. I think it would be nice to see something new because we have seen many of the famous places like Coliseum, pantheon, Vatican. This may be our last visit to Rome so I want it to be special for my wife. It is our 45th anniversary. I want to contact about the demons and angels tour.



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    Tour Design Team

    Hello Richard,

    We are pleased to hear you're spending your 45th anniversary here in the Eternal City and that you're interested in our Angels and Demons tour. Please send us an email at info@eyesofrome.com so we can send you the full description of the tour and so you can ask us any further questions. We appreciate your contribution to the Community forum.

    Kind regards,

    Eyes of Rome team

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    Iannis Foios

    I will be in Rome for a day only and I love Caravaggio, I want to make the most of it. I’d love to do your ’In the footsteps of Caravaggio’ tour and i was wondering whether it is possible to add on the borghese gallery, since it has pieces by Caravaggio. Too much in a day?


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    Customer Support Team

    Hi Iannis,

    absolutely not! Just consider that both tours last for about 3 hours each. Thus, we suggest taking 1 tour in the morning, have a nice lunch break and then continue with your second tour. It is totally up to you, whether you’d like to have your guide with you during lunch or if you prefer having some time on your own. Your guide will be able to suggest restaurants for lunch based on your personal preferences. For any further information regarding both of the tour and if you'd like to book them, please send us an email at info@eyesofrome.com.

    we hope we answered to your question. We look forward to hear from you soon!

    With best regards,

    Support Team Eyes of Rome

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    Mary Letough

    Your In the Footsteps of Caravaggio tour sounds lovely. I am an art teacher and I would love this tour. I am just worried about the walk. How far apart are the three churches we will be visiting? Would you suggest the Borghese Gallery instead?

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    Customer Support Team

    Hi Mary, thank you for your comment, you made a good point here. 

    The three churches you will be visiting on this tour are not too far apart, it will be in total about 3 km of walk. The walk is nice and pleasant, and you will walk along the major shopping street of Rome.

    The borghese gallery certainly has some of the best work of Caravaggio, but it is a different tour. You will be inside the museum instead of walking in the streets of Rome and visiting the churches with Caravaggio pieces. 

    If the walk is still worrying you, we can perhaps arrange for you a ‘In the Footsteps of Caravaggio’ on a golf cart. Please send us an email at  info@eyesofrome.com and we can discuss about prices and availabilities and design the best tour for you.

    We wish you good day ahead, and we look forward to hear from you soon.

    Eyes of Rome Support Team


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    Borghese Gallery in Rome, just amazing. And Giuliano best tour guide I have ever had. Thank you Eyes of Rome!

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    Peter Muller

    One of the best museums I have ever been. I am not new to Rome, and this time I wanted to see something different. Under the suggestion of Francesca from EoR office, I took the Industrial innovation tour. It is a shame that the Centrale Montemartini museum is not well known. Amazing contrast between the old roman statues and the industrial system of the power station with huge machines as background. 

    Well done guys!


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    Un grand bravo et merci à Serena pour la visite du Borghese.La visite était superbe grâce à vous. Serena est une personne joviale très sympa. Elle parle un excellent français et rend la visite très agréable et intéressante, elle l'aborde de manière très intéractive, est super disponible et à l'écoute de tous. Nous recommandons vivement sa compagnie. Toute la famille a adoré l'expérience

    Encore un grand merci à toi Serena

  • A message to Photography Lovers! Centrale Montemartini has a collection of about four hundred sculptures, reliefs and mosaics dating from the Republican to the late Imperial era. Thanks to the outstanding contrast of art-pieces’ industrial backdrops, I would suggest the Centrale Montemartini Tour to all the photography lovers: you’ll be able to collect an incredible portfolio full of powerful and uncommon images of your holiday in Rome. Our guides will be happy to introduce the wonders of this collection and its history, and you will be able to test your photographic skills and imagination. Eyes of Rome is always proud to inspire you!

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