Can you drink the water in Rome?



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    Josh Lopez

    fascinating.. the more I learn about Rome the more excited I am to come visit.. I can't believe they've made an app to find fountains around the city!

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    Tour Design Team

    Ciao Josh,

    Yes the history of the Nasoni are fascinating because the aqueducts symbolically transitioned Rome from being a 'primitive' society to a 'civilized' society. All Roman citizens had the right to fresh drinking water and running water for the public restrooms and other service buildings. Everyone was able to stay hydrated during the unbearably hot summers. This app can prove to be very useful depending on when you're coming to visit and if you plan on walking alot!

    Thanks for expressing your opinion!

    Eyes of Rome team

  • Bring a good heat-resistant, sweat-proof water bottle on your trip to Rome and you'll have ice cold water all day, even in the summer!  I can't live without my Hydro Flask and Swell bottles :)

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