English Films Playing in Roman Cinemas



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    Amanda Curtis Jones

    Ahh La La Land! We watched it the other night at Nuovo Olimpia, its a nice theater but I think Nuovo Sacher has more character! It has a really cute vintage feel but their selection is a bit more limited :/ Overall I'd agree the best one for tourists would be Olimpia cause it's accessible. 

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    Mark Lowell

    Thanks Amanda, do they play movies for children as well? are they new releases or are they older films modified for the cinema?

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    Tour Design Team (Edited )

    Hello Mark,


    If you're referring to the Olimpia movie theater then yes they do offer children's films as well and they always show new releases. Depending on the releases however, there may only be one film for children available (for example now they are only showing Beauty and the Beast the new rendition). I would have a look at their website when you're planning to make a family date night at this link: https://www.circuitocinema.com/cinema/cinema-nuovo-olimpia-roma/ (or if you're visiting Rome on holiday, check closer to the date of your arrival to Italy). If you would like to see more about Nuovo Sacher, here is the link: http://www.sacherfilm.eu/cinema-nuovo-sacher/ but there English film options are limited and they often don't show films for children. 


    Hope this information helps!


    Eyes of Rome team

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    Josh Lopez

    For those of you interested in watching movies in Spanish, there's the Festival del cine español from the 4-9 of May in Rome! Also Cinema Farnese plays films in og language often too..



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