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    Tour Design Team

    Dear Julian,

    Many thanks for your question.

    Lunch is included in our Castel Gandolfo Tour. After visiting the Papal Villas and its gardens, relax and enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.

    You will be able to choose from the following menus:


    • Ariccia pulled pork, shredded buffalo meat with truffle oil
    • Toasted bread with fresh cheese and anchovies, savory cake with wild herbs
    • Bacon Roll with Caciotta Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar
    • Homemade Prosciutto “Pagnanelli” with Roman Pecorino Cheese
    • Cacio e Pepe Pasta
    • Ravioli filled with Amatriciana sauce with Pecorino Cheese Fondue
    • Lamb with Lardo di Colonnata and Rosemary
    • Boneless Rabbit with Sage and Lemon
    • Fresh salad with Cacio Cheese and Pears
    • Fried Borragine
    • Dessert Tasting (puff pastry with custard, ricotta tart with homemade jam, lemon spuma)
    • Coffee
    • Wine -  Merlot "Pagnanelli"


    • Mixed Lake Appetizers (Fried eel, marinated latticini, Carp Parmigiana, Allis Shad Roll with pine nuts, Vegetables Caponata with trout and raisins)
    • Fettuccine with Perch, zucchini flowers and tomatoes
    • Ravioli filled with Tench and herbs
    • Fish Patty - carp with tomatoes, olives and capers 
    • Fresh garden salad with oranges
    • Baked radicchio with Caciotta Cheese and chili pepper
    • Dessert Tasting (puff pastry with custard, ricotta tart with homemade jam, lemon spuma)
    • Coffee
    • Wine - Trebbiano del Lazio "Pagnanelli"



    • Fish Appetizers (Maccarello Parmigiana, breaded sardines with Speck and mint, Mackerel rolls in Bottarga crust, scabbard fish with pears, Marzolino Cheese and marinated anchovies)
    • Homemade spaghetti with needle fish, garden salad with Pecorino Cheese
    • Mackerel Scapece - paddlefish rolls with Caciotta and poppy seeds
    • Fresh garden salad with oranges - stir fried "Ramoracce" (typical Roman vegetable)
    • Dessert Tasting (puff pastry with custard, ricotta tart with homemade jam, lemon spuma)
    • Coffee
    • Wine - Trebbiano del Lazio "Pagnanelli"



    This menu has been created in order to praise and safeguard local wild herbs heritage

    • Mixed Apertizers "Wild Selection" (cicoria fritters with honey, mallow savory cake, bruschetta with Reichardia and Roman Pesto, mashed potatoes with sonchus, dandelion omelette with pink pepper)
    • Dandelion Fettuccine with Bufala Smoked Mozzarella, pinenuts and zucchini
    • Ravioli filled with ricotta and parietaria with nettle, nuts and fresh chili pepper
    • Wheatmeal strudel with mozzarella - fried Borragine
    • Wild herbs with apples and balsamic vinegar - baked cardoon
    • Fennel Sorbet with wild cicely
    • Coffee
    • Wine - Trebbiano del Lazio "Pagnanelli"

    Let us know if you have any additional questions! We are happy to help :)

    Eyes of Rome Staff

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    Hi eyes! My husband and I were thinking of booking our hotel in Castel Gandolfo, where it is beautiful and quiet. So we’d like to have a guided tour of the area, but that day we would love to have a walking tour of Rome city center as well. What if, we get picked up at our hotel, we go to rome for a walking tour and lunch and after, we go together to castle gandolfo for a 5 hour tour? In that way we would be already there for dinner without going back on our own.

    Waiting for your answer, thank you.

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    Monique Surrey

    What a beautiful place Castel Gandolfo is! Thank you eyes of rome for suggesting this place, I had a great summer with my family! Big hug from Louisiana!

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    Customer Support Team

    Hi Gertrude,

    Thank you for reaching out to Eyes of Rome and for raising your enquiry here. The accommodations at Castel Gandolfo are nice and quiet and we understand why you want to stay outside the city centre :) 

    For your request, there is no problem, everything is possible with EoR. We only need to discuss timing and prices.

    If you'd like to do a tour of the area outside Rome called Castelli Romani, the tour isa full day tour and includes Castel Gandolfo and Ariccia and you can add . You can customise this tour and add the Apostolic Palace and Tivoli as well. The other option is a half day tour of Castel Gandolfo (including the Apostolic Palace). In both of the cases we will definitively pick you up at your accommodation and we will start from there.

    We suggest you anyway, to do the Rome walking tour another day, and let the day to run smoothly with a outside Rome tour.

    If you drop us an email at info@eyesofrome.com we can be more specific and design together a tour according to your request. 

    We hope we have been helpful. Ciao!

    Eyes of Rome Support Team

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    Hi eyes,

    I saw your castle gandolfo tour, lovely! since we will be in that area, I know that Ariccia is worth a visit. can we include this on that tour? perhaps a lunch or a wine taste would be good.


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