Common Phrases that might help on your trip to Italy



  • If you go to the Stadio Olimpico for a football match, don't forget to wear your best "giallo" (yellow) and "rosso" (red) and cheer on the team with FORZA ROMA!  And if you really want to impress your Roman neighbors in the stadium, be sure to say "c'è solo un capitano" (there's only one captain...Francesco Tottiiiiii)!

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    Lauren Cotts

    Ah these are very useful! I'm wondering though, why is there 2ways to say I love you? I thought it was like spanish...

    haha Katie this is great, It's so nice learning about how many similarities the Italians and Americans share. I'd love to bring my boys to a Roma game if there'll be one in May when we get there. Could you tell me if there is a way to find out about upcoming games and how much the tickets cost?

  • Lauren, Ciao!

    To answer your first question, "Ti amo" is an intimate expression that you use only for romantic relationships. "Ti voglio bene" or "Vi voglio bene" you say to refer to the love you have for your family and friends! You use "ti voglio bene" to refer to one person or if you want to say I love you to your whole family, tell them "vi voglio bene!" I think your family would absolutely love the experience of seeing Roma playing live! The safest way to purchase tickets and find out about upcoming games is by visiting the official site of the team: http://www.asroma.com/en/tickets/buy-tickets 

    Thanks for your interest and I hope this helps!


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    Erin Trang Stewart

    Oh my gosh! This makes me so eager to learn the language! I really want to practice these phrases while I'm here on Erasmus. 

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    Lauren Cotts

    Hi again Katie!

    Thank you for explaining that all to me, Italian seems like such a fascinating language. And thank you for sending me the link to the Roma soccer team, it looks like there'll be a home game when we get there so my boys and husband are really looking forward to that!

    can't wait to meet you guys in Rome!


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