Pizza in Italy: Choosing "Alta" (Deep Pan) or "Bassa" (Thin Crust)?



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    Stefania Pistone | Eyes of Rome | Tour Guide (Edited )

    I think the best pizza has a thick border, but a thin and crusty base. The border can contain better the ingredients, but when I bite it, I like it to be crunchy and well cooked. The only way to make a good pizza is to let it levitate as long as possible.

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    Jessica Merrill

    I didn't know there were differences between the cities in terms of their 'signature style' of pizzas! I'm going to be visiting Venice soon, does anyone know what the pizza looks like there?

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    Support Team (Edited )

    Hello Jessica! 

    As Emiliano explained, generally the pizzas up north are thinner but not as thin as they are in Rome (they're all equally delicious, though)! The portions of the pizzas in Venice tend to be on the smaller side whereas in Rome the classic pizza is served on a grander scale. Although pizza isn't the dish that the Venetians are best known for, you may be able to find some specialty sea food toppings! We've included a picture for you to get an idea of what they look like in Venice as well as a link of the top pizza places in the city:



    We hope that this info has helped! If you're able to make it to Rome too we wrote an article about the best pizzas in Rome and where to find them.

    Enjoy your time in Venice and thanks for your interest!

  • Ciao Jessica,

    you can try to go for a CALZONE rather than a Pizza if that does not fully convince you in Venice. 

    Calzoni are folded pizzas and in my opinion they differ a little less than pizzas from north to south. They can vary in their toppings but most of them have ricotta cheese inside which is a typical italian cheese made from sheep, goat or cow milk.

    In Italian calzone means literally "trousers" as they seem to look like pant legs.

    I am not a big fan of ricotta but the calzone is definitely worth a try. 


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    Mark Wilson (Edited )

    Maybe this is why there are no Pizza Huts in Rome...too much AMAZING competition ;-)

    just wanted to thank you one more time Stefania for the great tour and the great restaurants suggestions! best pizza in our lives for me and Martha. grazi mille.

  • Dear Mark,

    I'm so happy you enjoyed my tour and I'm pleased you found recommendations very helpful. I've known there's a Pizza Hut in Rome. I didn't know about it. I will go and try their pizza, but let me be sincere... I am sure there are places in Italy where it can taste much better ... You know I am for the tradition and the original recipes. When in Rome, eat where the foodie Roman people eat :)

    Hope I will see you again! Say hello to Martha, please.


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