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    Michael Andrews

    Dear Eyes of Rome, 

    My father took part in the Allied's arrival in Sicily in 1943 and he and I came back to Italy when I was younger to visit the places he has been and Rome. Now I'd like my children (age 10 and 13) to learn about our family past and possibly get an idea of what WW2 have been. I can share memories but I am not properly learned about dates and facts, I am looking for a guided tour that can also be enjoyable for kids - when possible. Can you help?

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  • Dear Michael, 

    What an impressive experience must it have been to visit Italy with your honorable father! I can hardly imagine his emotions in seeing the places of such a hard past again. Old generations have shared their precious knowledge of things we only know by books, and I am sure your kids will have a great value of their days in Rome by combining the information provided by our expert guides and their attentive father.

    I am happy to let you know that we have just released a new product online: it is called "Memories of World War II" and it is listed among our Thematic Tours on this website. The tour includes key sites in Rome related with war events: the (in)famous balcony from which Benito Mussolini announced Italy's participation in the conflict in 1940, as well as areas involved with the city occupation by the Nazis. Following the liberation, many places formerly controlled and ruled by the German Police were discovered and investigated: among them the impressive prison of Via Tasso, now housing the Museums of the Liberation of Rome. The prison, sadly known by the Romans as a place from where only a few returned, was created by walling up the windows of a 'regular' building where the German Security Police stationed during the Nazi occupation that took place in Rome from September 1943 to June 1944.

    Event though, understandably, these kind of topics may seem inappropriate for kids, our team of expert guides are trained to dedicate this contents to young listeners and you can be sure  they'll tailor your tour according to your needs. I would rather be honored and interested in listening to the priceless heritage your father has shared with you and your family! Images of the Allied tanks entering Rome on June 4th 1944 are before our eyes as the symbol of unbridled joy and hope for a new country that couldn't wait to reborn after the war.

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